Sisitha Industries

Reviving an Advertising

Gaining a new
web presence into a
20 year old company

Building the Sisitha Industries brand name through a series of socially-driven activations, and a powerful SEO optimized, responsive web presence.

Flaminqo Solutions
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Build brand trust among advertisers in Sri Lanka.

Sisitha Industries was having a hard time converting their leads into potential customers. They were using old and non effective techniques to generate leads. Their leads were not captured and saved properly.


Building responsive web design with custom SEO strategy and parallel digital marketing campaigns.


We shifted from old and non effective techniques to lead generating content strategy.

We were called into action by Sisitha Industries. And we gave a solution which will have a CMS to capture every lead they generate and also site’s defining features like its UX, navigation structure, content strategy, or unique mobile attributes were placed to capture the lead .

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